Natural Hair Care

Big Chop Hair Street Style

We frequently feature pictures and video of our Big Chop Beauties on Instagram, and we do so because we want to showcase just how versatile our hair can be.  This post, however, is intended to showcase how our hair can be worn in your everyday life. Big Chop hair isn’t just for special occasions. You can wear it every day, all day. Whether you wear our clip-ins or sew our wefted hair into a wig, every woman can be a big chop beauty. Check out these ladies below for style inspiration.

Maria Antoinette in our Kinky Curl Clip Ins (Shop HERE)



Lisa a La Mode in Our Blown Straight and Kinky Curl Clip Ins (Shop HERE and HERE)



Annisa LiMara in our Kinda Kinky Wig. Shop HERE


Melissa Chanel In our Cork Screw Clip Ins. Shop HERE.


Janae Raquel



The Model Malyia in our Kinky Curl Clip Ins


Now that you see these ladies rocking our hair wherever and whenever, you should do the same!


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