5 Tips For Growing Longer & Healthier Hair

If you’ve been struggling with short and brittle hair, we’ve got some quick tips that might help you achieve the length and fullness you desire. Before we jump into the list, however, it’s important to consider how genetics will factor into your results. Not everyone can grow hair down to her ankles, but we can all take steps to improve the overall condition of our hair. Here’s how:

1. Trim Your Ends


It’s a no-brainer but the longer you hold onto thinning and split ends, the thinner and the more split they become. Split ends also spread. They can split over and over again, eventually snapping off and leaving you with short, damaged hair. Get regular trims on blow-dried hair. It’s the best way to see your ends.

2. Drink WaterAdobeStock_45604864.jpeg


According to StyleCraze.com:

Lack of water causes Dehydration, but very few people know that dehydration has a direct impact on hair growth. It is a common fact that our body is usually composed of 60-80% water. When it does not receive the adequate amount of water in order to maintain cell health and reproduction, it becomes dehydrated which directly impacts hair growth. You can intake fistfuls of hair vitamins and other hair growing supplements, but if you are not consuming apt amount of water to meet your body’s daily H2O requirements, the cells which are responsible for hair growth will not be able to grow and reproduce and as a result, your hair will become extremely dry and withered. This can stop the natural growth cycle of your hair.

3. Moisturize Properly


Moisturizing doesn’t mean that you are slapping every single oil and butter on your head every single day. In fact, if you’re moisturizing properly, you shouldn’t have to do it more than once a week, maybe twice in colder climates. The key to moisturizing properly is sealing in the moisture. This means applying a sealant to your strands while the hair is wet with water or a leave in conditioner (this one HERE is our fav). There are plenty of great sealants, our favorite is the Rooted Treasure Black Jamaican Castor Oil. Buy it HERE.

4. Wash Properly


Product-build up is a thing. How can you hair grow if your follicles are clogged with heavy styling products? Co-wash as needed, but you should be using a cleansing shampoo every 10-14 days. Our favorite Shampoo and Conditioner duo can be purchased HERE.

5. Protective Styling

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 11.14.05 AM.pngLeaving your hair alone is, by far, the best way to treat it. Over manipulating the hair weakens the strands, and prevents your hair from reaching it’s full fro-glory. We offer a variety of protective styling options from clip-ins to our full wigs. Our hottest wig right now is the Kinda Kinky Wig. Snag Yours HERE.

If you like this post, be sure to check out our list of the best products for type 4 hair, HERE.

Share your hair growth tips below!


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