Natural Hair Care

5 Winter Haircare Tips For Naturals

Winter is upon us ladies, and Winter ain’t kind! The brisk air may be great for the lungs, but your hair is another story. Natural hair, as a rule, needs a wee bit more TLC than our straight-haired friends. Indeed that fact becomes even more important during the colder months. Below you’ll find some quick tips to help keep your strands in tip-top shape during the months ahead.

1. Protective Styling

Lisa a La Mode Wearing A Custom Wig With out Spiral Curl Wefts. See her Tutorial HERE.

Protective styling usually involves keeping your strands braided for weeks on end. The longer the better ( as long as you are caring for your hair while it is being protected.) We offer a variety of protective styling options from wigs, to clip ins, to wefted hair for weaves. Check out our much sought-after Kinda Kinky wig,HERE. You can, however, protect your stands with or without extensions.

2. Moisturize

Yes, moisturizing your stands through these harsh winter months is key. This is the time of year where you may want to set aside your lighter oils like grape seed, jojoba, or coconut oil, and opt for heavier oils and butters like castor oil and/or shea butter. It’s important to note that the key to moisturizing your stands is ensuring that you are sealing in that moisture. So while the hair is wet with either water or a leave in conditioner, follow up with a sealant. Read this post HERE to learn more about which oils are best for sealing in moisture.

3. Trim your endsscreen-shot-2017-01-06-at-3-48-07-pm

I like to start the new year with a trim. Why? Because if you have split/ dead ends from the summer months, you definitely don’t want to take them into the winter. The split ends will simply travel up the hair shaft, weakening your hair and making it even more susceptible to breakage during the winter months.

4. Leave your hair alone

AdobeStock_61917235.jpegIf you don’t like the idea of keeping your hair in a protective style, consider limiting your hair routine to low manipulation styling, or simply keep your hair in a satin scarf or satin-lined hat (click HERE for options). Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what works for you,  but try to limit your self to styles that don’t need daily “touching up.”

5. Cut out shampoo.


While there are plenty of sulfate-free options available, I like to cut out shampoo all together during the winter months. This is the time when you want to keep your hair and scalp as moisturized as possible.  Try cleansing  or co-washing creams like this one HERE or HERE instead of traditional shampoo.

Share Your Winter Hair Care Tips Below!


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